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Dragonimal Miniatures

Dragonimal Miniatures


Experience the unique joy of Dragonimal Miniatures! These meticulously 3D-printed resin figures combine the cute details of animals with the awe-inspiring presence of dragons. Offering a vast variety of hybrids, our collection is sure to bring a smile to any fantasy fan's face.

The animals will be grey when printed, the colours shown in the artwork are for illustrative purposes to give inspiration for you to paint yourself.

This print will be shipped with the base seperate to make painting easier, but can be attached easily using super glue.


 Height (mm)
Width (mm) Depth (mm)
DragoCat 28 26 17
DragoDog 33 33 26.5
DragoHippo 34 22.5 33
DragoHorse 33 13 35
DragoPig 29 37 14.6
DragoBear 36 27.5 30.5
DragoBull 32 29.5 30.5
DragoGoat 30.5 25.6 23
DragoLephant 33 26.5 26.8
DragoRabbit 31.5 22 19.6

    Printed using Grey UV Resin

    Models by: SeaHorse3D

    Please read the 3D Print Disclaimer.

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