Important Update: Temporary Pause on Custom Orders

Due to current demands, we are temporarily suspending new custom orders until further notice. This allows us to focus on fulfilling existing commitments with the highest quality and care.

Thank you for your understanding.

In the meantime you can explore our store products, there might be something that suits your needs and stay tuned for updates on when custom orders will resume.

Looking to bring your 3D designs to life but don't have access to a 3D printer? No problem! We offer FDM and MSLA printing with machines of various sizes.

Simply send your file* to along with a few details about your print (requirements below) to get a quote, and we'll work with you to make it happen.

To ensure we provide you with the most accurate quote, please include the following information in your email:

  • Your name
  • Desired material for printing
  • Preferred color (see below section for available options)
  • Required quantity of prints
  • Turnaround time (if applicable)

*If the files are too large for email, please use a service like WeTransfer or Dropbox to share the files.

For further details regarding custom orders please refer to section 5 of our Terms of Service.

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FDM (Filament) Printing Specs

Minimum order total £10

Max Print Size: 350mm x 350mm x 380mm

Default layer height is 0.2mm with 3 Perimeter walls, 10% Infill.

Printing tolerances are ±0.5% (± 0.5 mm)

Please note that the 3D print will be provided in its raw state and may require post-processing such as sanding or painting.

MSLA (Resin) Printing Specs

Minimum order total £30

Models provided which are not already pre-supported or require modification to existing supports will incur a £10 charge, this would be applied once per order, not per model.

Max Print Size: 190mm x 110mm x 185mm

Default layer size is 0.05mm and hollowed model wall thickness is 2mm.

Printing tolerances are ±0.5% (± 0.15mm)

Please note that the 3D print will be provided in its raw state and may require post-processing such as sanding or painting. For larger prints, we may print them hollow to minimize the weight, reduce the printing time and prevent issues during the printing process. These prints will also have drainage holes, which may require filling depending on your intended use.

Available Colours

The colour of the material can affect the printing process, especially resin. Below is a list of colours for each material that we have in use at the moment.

If the colour you need is not on the list, send us a message and we may be able to help!


PLA: Grey (Default), Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Red. We also have a constantly changing range of Silk (Shiny) colours available, contact us for an up to date list.

PETG: Black (Default), White.


Grey (Default), Black

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