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3D Printed border collie in clear blue resin3D Printed Velociraptor head in Gold PLA3D Printed Ghostbusters Logo3D Printed Shark Jaw bone in Grey Resin3D Printed Bunny Doll in Grey Resin3D Printed Kingsmen Company Logo in Grey Resin3D Printed Cal Kestis's Lightsaber3D Printed Grogu (Baby Yoda) in Grey PLA3D Printed Animal Vertibrae section in grey resin3D Printed shipwreck pieces in grey resin3D Printed shipwreck piece in grey resin3D Printed cog in grey PLA3D Printed gear in grey PLA3D Printed octopus tentacles in grey resin3D Printed Mighty Boosh Logo in Black and White PLA3D Printed Paperclips in Black, Red, Purple, Green, Gold and Blue PLA3D Printed Donkey Kong Switch game holder in Brown, Black and Red PLA