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Articulated Bone Dragon

Articulated Bone Dragon

Gaze upon the Bone Dragon, a Legendary Marvel that Beckons Mystery and Majesty to Your Collection! 🐉💀

For Mythical Creature Aficionados and Collectors Alike:

🌟 The Elegance of the Undead: Our Bone Dragon, elegantly brought to life with Bone White PLA+, stands as a striking embodiment of a dragon's skeletal might. Its intricate details reveal a creature of strength and power that will captivate your imagination.

🦴 The Art of Articulation: This Bone Dragon doesn't just captivate the eyes; it enthralls with versatility. Its neck and tail gracefully flex, enabling you to craft myriad poses and positions. Furthermore, its legs and wings articulate, adding an extra layer of realism.

🌌 A Mythical Masterpiece: Whether you're a collector of mythical wonders or seeking a unique centerpiece for your display, this articulated Bone Dragon is an absolute necessity. Its adaptable nature breathes life into tabletop adventures and sparks imaginative play.


  • Length: 23.5cm
  • Height: 4cm
  • Width: 16cm

🪄 Crafted with Precision: Unearth the wonder of our Bone Dragon, and let it breathe enchantment and intrigue into your collection. Secure yours today and set the stage for mythical adventures that will leave an indelible mark on your imagination! 🌟🐉💀

Model Design by: Nikko Industries

Please read the 3D Print Disclaimer.

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