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Unveil the Extraterrestrial with Our Snailien Pen Holder! 🐌👽

Imagine a snail's transformation under the influence of an alien parasite – introducing the SNAILIEN PEN HOLDER!

🪐 Discover the Otherworldly:
Dive into a realm of sci-fi wonder with this unique pen holder. Witness the fusion of snail and alien in a mesmerizing creation that's sure to spark conversations.

🌟 Features:
- Crafted with precision using Silk Black PLA, ensuring durability and an intriguing sheen.

- Dimensions:
- Height: 6cm
- Width: 5cm
- Length: 9cm

🖋️ Note: Pen not included, but this Snailien is ready to guard your favorite writing utensil.

Embrace the quirkiness of the cosmos with our Snailien Pen Holder. It's a must-have for those who appreciate the extraordinary. Get yours today and add a touch of the intergalactic to your workspace! 🌌👾

Model Design by: Hex3D

Please read the 3D Print Disclaimer.

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