Design Your Own

Looking for a truly unique item? Try out one of our amazing 3D model customisers created by Props & Beyond. These easy-to-use tools allow you to customize a design to your liking.

Just follow the step-by-step tutorials to create your 3D model, and share it with us to bring your personalized creation to life!


Elevate your style with personalized jewelry made just for you! With Props & Beyond Ring Customiser, you can create stunning and unique designs that perfectly match your taste.

Follow the link below to discover how to use our customiser tool and create your very own personalized ring.

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Complete your cosplay or roleplay outfit with a unique and personalized dagger using the Props & Beyond Dagger Customiser.

Visit the link below to find out how to create your 3D model and get started on your perfect look!

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Transform your tabletop gaming or cosplay experience with the Props & Beyond Amulet Customiser. Create your own custom-designed amulets that are unique to your style and add a touch of magic to your world.

Follow the link below to find out how.

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Looking to add some flair to your outfit or accessories? Use the Props & Beyond Pin Customiser to create your own unique insignia pin.

Follow the tutorial at the link below to create the 3D model and share it with us to get your own personalised pin.

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