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Rhinoceros Miniature

Rhinoceros Miniature

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Introducing the Majestic 32mm Rhinoceros Miniature, a Marvel of Precision Craftsmanship in Exquisite Grey Resin. 🦏

This stunning figurine captures the essence of the rhinoceros mid-stride, showcasing intricate details that reveal the raw power from its rippling muscles to the iconic horn adorning its snout.

🌟 Key Features:
- Expertly crafted with high-quality grey resin, delivering both durability and an awe-inspiring finish.

- Dimensions:
- Height: 38mm
- Width: 24mm
- Length: 69mm

- A canvas for your creativity, this Rhinoceros Miniature eagerly awaits your artistic touch.

🖌️ Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the miniature world, this Rhinoceros Miniature is a non-negotiable addition to your trove.

🏞️ Please Note: The display base pictured serves as an illustrative aid and is not included.

Elevate your tabletop gaming experience or curate your collector's treasure with this 32mm Rhinoceros Miniature. Secure yours now and bask in the glory of this magnificent creature! 🌟🦏

Model Design by: 3DIPStudios

Please read the 3D Print Disclaimer.

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