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Oversized Paper Clip

Oversized Paper Clip


Unlock the Power of Organization with Our Oversized Paperclip! 📎

Perfect for Stationery Enthusiasts and Workspace Aficionados!

📚 At Print Me Crazy, we don't just hold papers together; we're experts at elevating your desk game. If you're all about stationery, you're in the right place!

🌟 Product Features:
- Expertly crafted Oversized 9.5cm Paperclip using top-notch PLA material through advanced 3D printing technology.
- Dimensions:
- Length: 9.5cm
- Width: 3.5cm
- Thickness: 0.5cm

- Experience the difference with our vibrant PLA color options, adding a pop of personality to your workspace.

📎 Please note: The desk and accessories pictured in our images are for visual purposes only and are not included with your purchase.

Whether you're organizing important documents or adding a touch of flair to your workspace, our Oversized Paperclip is here to revolutionize your desk experience. Grab one now and take your workspace to the next level! 🌟📚

Model By: Print Me Crazy

Please read the 3D Print Disclaimer.

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