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Lynx Miniature

Lynx Miniature

Introducing the 32mm Lynx Miniature, a beautifully crafted and highly detailed depiction of this stealthy predator. Made from high-quality grey resin, this miniature captures the sleek and graceful movement of the lynx as it moves through its natural habitat.

At 32mm scale, this miniature is perfect for use in tabletop roleplaying games, adding an element of realism to your gaming experience. The intricate details of the lynx's fur and muscles make it an ideal addition to any collection of miniatures.

The use of high-quality grey resin ensures that this miniature is both durable and highly detailed, able to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay. Collectors of miniature models or game masters who want to add a touch of the wild to their collection of gaming pieces will appreciate the intricate detailing and realistic look of this miniature.

With this 32mm Lynx Miniature, your tabletop game will have a touch of the wild that everyone will love. Whether you're hunting in the forest or engaging in a thrilling battle against a fierce predator, this miniature will add a new level of realism to your gaming experience.


  • Height: 23mm
  • Width: 10mm
  • Length: 35mm

Printed with Grey UV Resin

Base shown is for demonstrative purposes and is not included.

Model Design by: 3DIPStudios

Please read the 3D Print Disclaimer.

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