We're a Props & Beyond Licensed Merchant!

We're a Props & Beyond Licensed Merchant!

Puzzles & Props Licensed Merchant #149
Props & Beyond
Did you ever wish your magic items were real?
Do your RPG sessions lack immersion and the new players have problems with suspension of disbelief?
Are you looking for some fancy items for LARPs or cosplay?
Then you've come to the right place!
Puzzles & Props, Iron Bands of Binding

We're happy to announce we are now a licensed seller of Props & Beyond, fantasy and sci-fi props and puzzles!

Each item comes with an item card with information on how to use it.

Puzzles & Props, Amulet of Open Access

Amulet of Open Access

"While wearing this amulet you have an advantage to all Thieves Tools checks made to open locks.
Moreover, everyone assumes that you belong in the places you have broken into without leaving obvious evidence to point otherwise."
Puzzles & Props, Figurine of Wonderous Power - Marble Elephant

Figurine of Wonderous Power - Marble Elephant

Each item will be printed in either Filament or Resin.
They will come unpainted, unless otherwise specified in the items description.
Puzzles & Props, Red Herring

Red Herring

We'll be adding new items periodically, but if you have something specific in mind, send us a message and i'm sure we'll be able to find something to suit your needs.
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