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Happy Halloween Door Decoration

Happy Halloween Door Decoration

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Introducing our Happy Halloween Door Decoration – a 3D printed masterpiece designed to bring a festive spirit to your home! Crafted using vibrant Orange PLA, this delightful decoration is made to sit atop your door frame.

Featuring Happy Halloween across the top and down the side, between the words is a spooky carved pumpkin silhouette, adding a touch of tradition to your Halloween decor.

Make a bold statement this Halloween season and let your doorway become a canvas of celebration. Our Happy Halloween Door Decoration adds a splash of color and a dash of charm, setting the stage for a season filled with joy and festivities.


Height: 24.5cm
Width: 14.6cm
Depth: 0.9cm

Printed using Orange PLA

Model by: 3D Design Bros.

Please read the 3D Print Disclaimer.

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